Christian Sesma Filmmaker Director

Director Christian Sesma: ‘It’s never been easier to start making movies. Don’t overthink it!’

Our guest for this episode is filmmaker Christian Sesma who wrapped filmmaking on his latest project Section 8, starring Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney and Ryan Kwanton the night before he spoke with our host Sean Johnson.

From restauranteur to indie filmmaker

Already a successful restaurateur from Palm Springs, Christian was inspired to pursue his passion for filmmaking after reading Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel without a Crew while attending SDSU. He made his first feature in 2006, which was released domestically on VOD and DVD everywhere and has since made a name for himself in the indie action space as a genre filmmaker. Most notably Vigilante Diaries, a graphic novel style action film released by Anchor Bay, was also HBO’s first under a million dollar action film acquired in over a decade.

Every Last One of Them (2021)

Sesma followed up in 2020 with his low budget heist movie PayDirt, starring Luke Goss and Val Kilmer, then quickly went into production on two films during the pandemic lockdown. The action thriller, Take Back (2021), with Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai White was released by Shout! Factory in summer of 2021 and now Every Last One of Them (2021) starring Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss, alongside Taryn Manning and Jake Weber

The filmmaking process and the challenges of COVID

In this interview about the filmmaking process, Sesma talk about the additional challenges presented by COVID, on working with Hollywood movie stars on big budget sets, and the importance of getting started as a filmmaker, whatever your resources. Sesma believes it’s never been easier to start make movies right now.

EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM was released in US theaters and video on demand on 22nd October 2021.

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