We’re a group of creatives who just so happen to be massive film lovers. Some of us are in the film industry, some are students, but all of us share a collection passion for cinema. 

We provide training and development opportunities, coaching in web content publishing, SEO copywriting, social media marketing and the potential for conducting interviews, writing film reviews and feature articles. 

If you’re just embarking in a career in film and have the ability to contribute to our podcast as a presenter, video/sound editor, we can provide IMDb credits too!

Interested in joining us? Get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out! We’re always looking for new talent such as writers, presenters, transcribers, video and sound editors. 

Richard Williams Film Forums Owner

Richard Williams

PLATFORM CREATOR & Editor-in-Chief

I own this thing. Being creative makes me tick. Film lover. Coffee hater. Website manager, headline and copywriter, video editor, graphic/motion designer, editor, presenter...

David Lawson Film Forums

david lawson

video & sound editor

David is a filmmaker, director and cinematographer from Scotland. With a background in sound engineering and photography he loves collaborating with other creatives to produce films.

Jack Judd Film Forums

Jack Judd

Video Editor

An award-winning filmmaker, award-winning animator, musician, and drinker of tea

Karl Maier Film Forums

karl maier

video editor

Dancer, teacher, choreographer, and video editor. My passion is finding the heart of the story and exploring its evolution and development.

Tatti Haslam Film Forums

tatti haslam


I’m on my creative journey. A graduated actress trying to make her way in the world. I enjoy art, philosophy and reading.

Sebastien Tobler Film Forums

sebastien tobler


Muticultural writer-director currently in LA. Perpetual expat. Fascinated by time and human connections on screen.

Patrick Chemali Film Forums

patrick chemali


An opinionated technologist, with a clicky keyboard, and a lifelong passion for film and TV, who one day ,just got up from his seat and moved from one side of the screen to the other.

Aiysha Jebali Actress, Interviewer for Film Forums

Aiysha Jebali

Director of Sales, Marketing & PR

Scottish Tunisian actress. Yes, that's a thing. BAME. POC. Marketing Executive.

Ben Kelly Film Forums Writer

Ben Kelly

writer / editor

Writer and editor from the north of Scotland. Lifelong movie enthusiast. Always looking for an unseen classic. I watch something new every day.

Thomas Stace Film Forums

thomas stace


From video store manager to English teacher but generally just a complete nerd about all things related to cinema.

Tom Bonard Film Forums



Teacher. Musician. Writer. Fascinated by film. Co-creator of Janus Film Review.

Matt Reifschneider Film Forums



Writer, podcaster, cinema fiend, drive-in mutant, kung fu fanatic, horror hound, vulgar auteur, and sometimes human being. I’ve been writing about cinema for over ten years now, dedicating my time to all genre cinema. Co-creator of Blood Brother Film Reviews and co-host of the No Franchise Fatigue podcast.

Matthew East Film Forums

matthew east


Studied Screenwriting at the MET Film School and currently work as a copywriter. I write black comedy and animated family genre scripts and love a classic British sitcom.

Merlin Goldman Film Forums

merlin goldman


Merlin Goldman is a writer/director based in Bristol, focused on writing screenplays and making short films. He’s also writing a book about writing. With diagrams.

Millie Hayward Film Forums

Millie Hayward

PRESENTER / Video Editor

Scriptwriter, Filmmaker, Actor, MA student in 'Writing for Script & Screen'. Passion for travel, love comic books and LOST TV show fan!

Ivan d'Avoine Film Forums


Video & Sound editor

A video/sound editor, producer and writer. As a media and sociology grad from Goldsmiths UoL, I especially love working with film to explore social issues. From film to podcasts, to photography, I'm always keen to push the boundaries of the imagination!'

Sean Johnson Film Forums



Storyteller who has worn many hats: actor, singer, host, filmmaker, coach, recruiter, dad, financial professional, and connector of people. Passionate about love, vulnerability, film, and magic.

Simon Jefferson Film Forums

simon jefferson


A screenwriter based in the North East of England. He loves to produce slow-burning, thoughtful stories with an undercurrent of graphic violence. Always aiming for 3-5 pages a day.

Jennifer Bulcock Film Forums

Jennifer Bulcock


Yorkshire-based single mum of 3 returning to her original aspiration to be an actor after leaving the industry at 19.

Natalia Belli Film Forums

Natalia Belli


Journalism graduate passionate about writing, film and bothering people with her thoughts about both. Believes the cinema is a strictly solo activity. Frequently described as ‘intense’ and ‘shorter than I thought’.

Jeremy Scott Film Forums

jeremy scott


I have been writing and creating since I was a kid, and decided when I grew up to put some of those words onto paper, some of those spoken discussions online, whatever their worth might be. I live in Finland with my girlfriend, speak a bunch of languages and enjoy doing most of the things I do when I'm not stuck in the house.