Dan Mazer Filmmaker, Director, Writer

‘Be unique to get noticed’ – filmmaker Dan Mazer (Borat, Ali G, Bridget Jones, Dirty Grandpa)

Dan Mazer is a British filmmaker who just so happens to be Sacha Baron Cohen’s co-producer and co-writer on Da Ali G Show (2000 – 2004), the Borat movies, Bruno (2009) and The Dictator (2012). Yes, if you’ve seen any of those, you know what you’re getting into with Dan.

Edgy? Tick. Comedy? Tick. Borderline uncomfortable? Gotcha.

Other notable credits include I Give It a Year (2013), Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) and Dirty Grandpa (2016) with Robert De Niro.

In this candid interview, Dan offers up some insights into the differences between directing and writing, how to make a film on a small budget (and much larger budgets), as well as providing plenty of useful advice for aspiring writers, directors and filmmakers. Dan’s latest directing credit is The Exchange (2021), about an awkward teenager Tim (Ed Oxenbould), who hopes to find friendship with a French exchange student Stéphane (played by Avan Jogia). He discovers that the student is not as sophisticated and cultured as he assumed. Written by Tim Long (“The Simpsons,” “Late Show with David Letterman“).

THE EXCHANGE is out on VOD & Digital July 30, 2021.


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