Director Richard Miller Repeat 2021

Writer-Director Richard Miller: ‘Challenge yourself. Make the effort to write original stories. Repeat.’

In this interview, director and screenwriter Richard Miller discusses the process behind making Repeat (2021), a sci-fi movie from award-winning UK-based productions company Body In The Box.

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Miller answers questions on making a feature length film on a micro budget and discusses the challenges of writing original screenplays.

The key, he says, is to not be afraid to step away from the page and change direction.

REPEAT is out in cinemas on 15th November 2021 (UK) & 19th November 2021 in the US. Starring Tom England, Charlotte Ritchie, Nina Wadia

SYNOPSIS: A zealous cognitive psychologist dedicates his life to university lecturing. While tinkering with one of his many experiments he stumbles across an unbelievable discovery-a way of communicating with the other side. His joy is short-lived, however, as his daughter is put into potentially grave danger and when all leads go cold, he takes matters into his own hands to find out the truth.


Presenter: Sean Johnson
Video Editor: Ivan D’Avoine
VFX/Titles & Artwork: Richard Williams
Stills and/or footage courtesy of: Body In The Box Productions