Amber Sealey No Man of God (2021) Interview

‘Why I made yet another movie about Ted Bundy’ – Director Amber Sealey, No Man of God (2021)

During the course of this interview director Amber Sealey conceded that there have been over 20 narrative movies about serial killer Ted Bundy.

So, it begs the question (which she answers before I get the chance to pose it): why make yet another film about this subject?

Amber more than provides the answer – whilst admitting that she had her doubts about whether she was the right filmmaker to helm this version. Sealey also discusses the role of movie star and producer Elijah Wood in the film and her journey as a female filmmaker in the industry.

NO MAN OF GOD (2021) is in Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD August 27 (US). Also stars Luke Kirby, Aleksa Palladino and Robert Patrick.