The Art of Kindness Robert Peterpaul

The Art of Kindness Podcast with actor Robert Peterpaul: ‘I was sick of cancel culture. I had to do something!’

Our guest for this episode is Robert Peterpaul, an actor and writer, whose The Art of Kindness Podcast was created in response to the increasing media negativity and ‘cancel’ culture. The popular podcast has grown fast and featured mega stars of the entertainment world like Meghan Trainor and Kiernan Shipka.

Here Robert discusses some of the challenges he has faced on his acting journey as well as offering industry insights, tips and tricks for aspiring actors.

You can listen to The Art of Kindness Podcast on all major podcasting platforms and on Instagram: artofkindnesspod


Presenters: Aiysha Jebali & Sean Johnson
Video Editor: Jack Judd
Headline, VFX/Intro & Artwork: Richard Williams
Stills and/or footage courtesy of: Robert Peterpaul and as credited