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‘Showcasing people of colour in my directorial debut was so important to me…’ iGilbert director Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez is an actor, writer, producer, and director, with over 100 film and TV credits, including THE GUILTY starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Netflix) and FOCUS with Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

Directorial debut: iGilbert

The focus of this interview is Adrian’s directorial debut, iGilbert (2021) (also known as iCreep) based on his original screenplay, with Dascha Polanco (Orange Is The New Black) and Raul Castillo, (El Chicano (2018)). Martinez plays the lead, Gilbert Gonzalez, who feels isolated from the world. A 39 year old obese virgin, fearful of life and people, yet starving for human connection, Gilbert takes photos of women secretly, wherever and whenever he can…

A lack of diversity and POC in mainstream cinema

The filmmaker explains how he felt the phone was a metaphor for the loneliness and disconnection of contemporary society. That anyone who has ever had a moment of feeling that no-one understands you, or that you feel isolated, has had an “iGilbert moment”. Adrian also explores his feelings on the lack of diversity in mainstream cinema and how he felt a responsibility to showcase the talents of POC in his first feature-length film.


VFX/Titles/Intro & Artwork, Headline, Copywriting: Richard Williams
Special Thanks: Karl Maier
Stills and/or footage courtesy of: Paloma Pictures (iGilbert) and Diana Ragland (Adrian Martinez Headshot).


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