The Watts Brothers, Playhouse (2020), British Horror

Making a British Gothic Horror Movie – filmmaking duo, the Watts Brothers

In a filmmaker’s roundtable-style interview, guest host Jim Page (Film & TV Editor) brings us an insightful conversation with filmmakers the Watts Brothers Fionn and Toby (Far North Film), with a focus on their British horror film Playhouse (2020) which Jim also edited.

The Watts Brothers discuss growing up in a creative family and making films in their childhood. For six years they worked on corporate films and then decided it was time to throw themselves into narrative filmmaking.

PLAYHOUSE (2020) is available now on DVD/Blu Ray and VOD platforms in the UK and North America. Also available in Germany, Russia, Benelux, Taiwan and other international territories.


LOGLINE: In a remote Scottish castle, an irreverent writer faces terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to an evil curse lurking within the walls.


Presenter, Video & Podcast Editor: Jim Page
VFX/Titles/Intro & Artwork, Headline, Copywriting: Richard Williams
Stills and footage courtesy of: Far North Film, Fionn & Toby Watts

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