Apple Park Films, Adam Pearson and Chris Watt

Apple Park Films duo: ‘Learn to shoot on a budget without compromising on story…’

Writer-director Adam Nelson runs his production company, Apple Park Films Ltd and works with up-and-coming filmmakers and screenwriters to develop projects. He is a big supporter of regional filmmaking and wants to develop filmmaking outside of the larger metropolitan cities. Chris Watt is an award winning screenwriter, novelist and film journalist.

In a wide-ranging conversation with Film Forums host Aiysha Jebali, Adam and Chris discuss topics like:

  • How to produce a independent movie on a very low budget
  • Making short films as a stepping stone to feature films
  • Learning to shoot on a budget without compromising on story
  • Using Twitter to network with other filmmakers and creatives
  • Form relationships with local businesses
  • The reality of writing a script on spec
  • The importance of being receptive to feedback as a writer
  • What a director’s job actually involves (hint: it’s not about ruling with an iron fist)
  • Aiysha’s dog (yes, really!)

This is an interview not to be missed if you are an aspiring filmmaker – and, in particular, a screenwriter looking to embark on a career in the film and television industry.


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