Jack Newell, Director of Monuments (2020)

‘Is film school worth it?’ Director Jack C. Newell tells us exactly what he thinks…

It soon becomes clear in this interview with Jack C. Newell, the director of Monuments (2021), that he is a thoughtful filmmaker. Considered in his answers and straight talking, he has a lot of great advice for aspiring filmmakers, and up-and-coming actors, with tips on the auditioning process for the acting community.

What is a director looking for at an audition? Should I be brave and go off-book? How do I get finance for my indie film? It’s all here and so much more…

Jack C. Newell is a writer, director, producer, actor, and public artist. He is also the co-creator of Destroy Your Art and the public art project, The Wabash Lights.

His feature film credits include 42 Grams, Open Tables, Hope Springs Eternal, and the quirky-comedy, Monuments. Newell’s films have been featured on Netflix, Amazon, and IMDbTV, as well as the Austin Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival and Newport Beach Film Festival.

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