James Price Interview

From BBC Writers’ Room to directing for TV with James Price

BBC filmmaker James Price sits down with Film Forums to give advice to film students and aspiring filmmakers. Price’ upcoming BBC iPlayer miniseries DOG DAYS follows Zoso (Conor McCarron) living rough on the streets of Dundee.

Moved to Northeast Scotland to maintain a genuine relationship with his young daughter, despite friction with his ex, Zoso’s busking skills reveal a raw musical talent, however, Zoso lacks direction until he meets music lecturer Grace (Lois Chimimba). The search for hope is told with grit, dark humour, vibrancy and soul.

James Price, fondly known as Pricey, discusses working with the BBC on his own TV show, how BBC Writers’ Room catapulted his career and what he thinks could be done to improve the opportunities available in the Scottish and UK film industry. Price is a voice of reassurance and practical advice in this episode as he opens up about his struggles as a screenwriter and director and how he continues to overcome them every day. We talk casting actors, auditioning, writing, circulating script treatments and the importance of trusting a strong team of creatives to bring your movie or TV series to life.



Presenters: Aiysha Jebali and Thom Stace
Video Editor: Jack Judd
VFX/Titles/Intro & Artwork: Richard Williams
Stills and/or footage courtesy of: BBC


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