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‘I don’t think too much about genre when creating a story. Why restrict yourself?’ – Filmmaker George Popov

In this interview, Bulgarian born writer/director/producer George Popov discusses his approach to filmmaking, and how he managed to make his first two features on a small budget yet create a unique visual style and a carefully crafted atmosphere in each.

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I like not to think too much about genre when trying to create a story…

Filmmaker George Popov: Hex and The Droving

As of 2021, both of his films, HEX and THE DROVING (link below) are available across the world on a variety of platforms via Hollywood distributor Indie Rights, in more than 80 territories across the world, on curated sites including PrimeVideo , IMDbTV, TubiTV, Roku Channel and GooglePlay.

THE DROVING remained in Prime Video’s ‘Most Popular’ category for months after its release and has also been regularly Trending since. In December 2020 the film reached the top three Crime Movies on Prime.

Check out our interview with actor Bobby Robertson who appeared in The Droving.


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