Kitchen Tales short film Jane Moriarty, Sheena Bhattessa

‘Depicting the aging process in Kitchen Tales was all about movement…’ – Jane Moriarty & Sheena Bhattessa

Short film Kitchen Tales (2021) is the result of a spark that ignited when director Jane Moriarty and actor/producer Sheena Bhattessa, discovered screenwriter Anupama Chandrasekhar’s script for the film.

In this interview, Jane and Sheena discuss overcoming the challenges of making this short film in the middle of the pandemic, and touch on the various messages that the film carries, while sharing insights into the filmmaking process.

LOGLINE: Newly Indian immigrants to the UK navigate 40 years of marriage through the food they make and the meals they share as their family grows and their love struggles to survive.


Second Video Editor, VFX/Titles & Artwork, Headline: Richard Williams
Copy/Intro: Patrick Chemali
Stills and/or footage courtesy of: Jane Moriarty
Special Thanks: Tania Sarra

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