Jefferson Reid Actor Meisner Technique

All American actor Jefferson Reid: from the military to Sanford Meisner technique

Born in Puerto Rico and raised Miami, Florida, Jefferson Reid found his way into the US Army and was teaching martial arts before discovering his love of acting.
From stage to screen Jefferson is a strong, versatile actor with grounded comedic instincts and the ability to play characters ranging from Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on stage to a garlic obsessed lover in Sex Life (2018). Jefferson Reid is known for All American (2018 – ), Wannabe 2: All Washed Up and Kidnapped by a Classmate (2020).
He credits icons like Denzel Washington and Michael Jai White as influences.

Moving to Los Angeles for acting

In this interview Jefferson discusses his acting journey – literally, as he moved interstate to Los Angeles to pursue his acting dream. He also explains what Meisner technique is and how to harness it to improve your acting – an approach adopted by the likes of Christopher Waltz and Anthony Montes.