Echo Boomers (2020) by Seth Savoy

Echo Boomers (2020), written & directed by Seth Savoy | FEATURE FILM REVIEW

Echo Boomers (2020) is the feature debut of writer/director Seth Savoy, a new crime thriller with an impressive cast which includes Patrick Schwarzenegger (Midnight Sun 2018), Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike 2012) and Oscar nominees Michael Shannon and Lesley Ann Warren.

Many directorial debuts would never attract such big names and it does create an interesting question: what attracted them to the project?

Dissatisfaction in the heart of America

Set in 2013 and told in flashbacks whilst the protagonists relate the story to an author (Lesley Ann Warren),the film tells the story of recently graduated Lance (Patrick Schwarzenegger) as he moves to the big city of Chicago to join his cousin Jack who has promised him work. Upon arrival in the city he is introduced to a group of similarly disaffected young people led by Ellis (Alex Pettyfer).

What we are left with is a well-paced thriller with strong dialogue…

He soon learns that the job which his cousin has in mind for him is working with the gang to steal from various properties around the area. Targeting only the richest they gather addresses, stake out the residences and subsequently pass the proceeds onto Mel (Michael Shannon), their fence and original procurer of the addresses. The motives of the protagonists are largely attributed to a lack of faith in the system.

Seth Savoy's Echo Boomers (2020)
Seth Savoy’s Echo Boomers (2020). Photo courtesy of Saban Films.

So, what made these actors sign up for Echo Boomers (2020)?

The story is a familiar one and at times it can feel like a competition of ‘spot the cliché’ especially when we are following the gang in their private time as they use the money which they have earnt to fund a lifestyle of drugs and parties. However, Savoy keeps the movie flowing at a brisk pace, making full use of its 94 minutes with very little bagginess to let audiences linger on its weaker moments.

A strong script from Seth Savoy

The real coup in this movie is the dialogue from Seth Savoy, which is probably a key reason for attracting such a strong cast. The words fizz as they roll off the tongues of actors such as Michael Shannon bringing this movie up to a higher level than expected.

What we are left with is a well-paced thriller with strong dialogue which makes Echo Boomers (2020) entertaining and a fun watch. These areas help cover over the cracks of such a familiar story.

Certainly, Seth Savoy is an interesting talent to keep an eye on; his direction gives the film a clear image and his writing, with help from Kevin Bernhardt and Jason Miller, is the real stand-out in the movie.

The young cast led by Patrick Schwarzenegger and supported by Alex Pettyfer do a good job in holding interest as the story develops but the film belongs to Michael Shannon who is the real powerhouse in this movie, bringing a credible level of malevolence to his character whilst combining it with a level of vulnerability which is rarely seen in characters such as his in movies like this one.

This is arguably a film suggesting promise for the future rather than a truly great film. It is, however, very watchable.


Artwork & Editor: Richard Williams

IMDb rating: 6.o | Film Forums: 6.0