Breach (2020) Bruce Willis Film Review

Breach (2020), starring Bruce Willis & directed by John Suits | FEATURE FILM REVIEW

2.5 out of 5 stars

The words, ‘starring Bruce Willis’, used to raise a great deal of anticipation among cinema goers. Over the last decade this has been replaced by a feeling of uncertainty.

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If you are expecting blockbuster levels such as Armageddon(1998) then any fears might be well founded as this is closer to what would be called a B movie. Certainly, budgets are now a lot smaller when Bruce is involved compared to yesteryear and the actors giving support are now relative newcomers rather than trusted character actors.

What have we got here?

Set in 2242AD, Earth has come to an extinction level event and a selected few are being evacuated to New Earth. The final ship is leaving and, with his pregnant girlfriend Hayley (Kassandra Clementi) on board, her boyfriend, Noah (Cody Kearsley), stows away and disguises himself as a janitor.

The passengers and senior crew, led by Hayley’s father Admiral Adams-King (Thomas Jane), go into stasis for the six-month journey, whilst the basic crew get ready for the long journey. Among the crew is Clay (Bruce Willis), a mechanic who looks out for Noah on the journey.

False assumptions

In the early scenes there are talks about stowaways and the risk of terrorism; this leads you to settle in to the idea that what we have is a mystery as we try and work out who is the terrorist and I got all ready for a ticking bomb scene…but then we suddenly jumped into Alien (1979) territory as parasites infest the bodies of the crew. This jump takes us into the sub-genre of space/horror.

Apart from the misdirection of the opening act, there is a distinct shortage of fresh ideas, even the accommodation room seems to have been taken from Red Dwarf (1988-…).

For the audience, John Suits proves himself to be a capable director, certainly when it comes to keeping the pacing tight and the story rolling along and the writers Edward Drake and Corey Large have remembered to bring in likeable characters who you want to see triumph and they do keep you guessing as to which cliché they are going to bring in next.

You can read our interview with director John Suits or check out the video interview above instead!

Bruce Willis and actor Cody Kearsley on Breach (2020)
Bruce Willis and actor Cody Kearsley on Breach (2020). [Courtesy of Saban Films]

Is Bruce Willis the star of Breach (2020)?

Whilst Bruce Willis is most definitely the star, the lead falls to Cody Kearsley and from him we get a likeable performance, providing us with a hero who is both ordinary and brave. We can certainly relate to his actions even if the setting is alien to us.

Bruce seems to be having fun with his part of the mechanic and it is nice to see this, especially as in recent years it has often felt that he was merely sleepwalking through a part for the paycheck.

The rest of the cast are largely there to become the hoards of the undead but before they die we do get to see a little of their character.

Overall, we have a film which has very few sparks of originality but does provide good, solid entertainment with likeable characters. You can even make your own bingo cards with all the space/horror clichés written down and turn it into a bit of a game, after all this film relishes its cliches and this will add to the fun


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