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Writer-Director Paul Solet: ‘Adrien Brody in CLEAN is a force of nature!’

Clean (2022) is a passion project for Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody (The French Dispatch (2021), HBO’s Succession (2018 – ) and The Pianist (2001) for which he won the Oscar). Brody not only stars in the film as ‘Clean’, but also produced, co-wrote the screenplay and composed the score. The film is developed through Brody’s production company Fable House.

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In this interview we talk with the film’s writer-director Paul Solet about working with Adrien Brody on the movie who he describes Brody as a ‘f*cking force of nature’.

Solet touches on the importance of preparation when making movies as well as accepting and embracing your limitations on any particular film. The filmmaker also explains how Eli Roth became an influential figure and friend in his formative years, establishing in his mind that you could actually make a living out of making movies. He’s never looked back.


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