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‘Making movies is all about LOCATION and CASTING…’ – Filmmaker Ivan Sen discusses Expired (2022)

Filmmaker Ivan Sen has a frankly ridiculously talent for making movies.

His multi-disciplinary approach has seen him master the roles of writer, director, producer, editor, composer and cinematographer in films he has made to date, fulfiling many of these roles for his latest release EXPIRED.

In this brief interview, Sen explains how having experience in different roles on a film set, and in pre- and post-production, can be highly beneficial as a filmmaker.

He also emphasises the importance of location when it comes to screenwriting and believes that casting a film as early as possible is the best approach, especially with budgeting for a feature film.

Lionsgate will release the sci-fi film EXPIRED In Select Theaters, on Digital and On Demand March 18, 2022. Previous working title: LOVELAND.

SYNOPSIS: Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”) and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix series) star in this futuristic thriller about a hitman who meets a mysterious woman and comes down with a deadly illness.


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