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About Us

Film Forums is here to keep the flames of passionate conversation about film alive. If you’re in the film industry and looking to discuss and promote your latest project, please reach out to us: You’ll find us across social media as @filmforums and on YouTube. Please check out our Film Interviews section whilst you’re here.

If you’re an avid movie goer who mourns the loss of the IMDb message boards, we’ve put together a list of the best IMDb message board alternatives in the Film Forums section so you can decide which to use to discuss films, tv shows, actors, directors etc. where social media doesn’t quite cut it.

Movie forums and discussion boards offer something different to social media channels (essentially where IMDb suggested everyone should now discuss that movie from 43 years ago). There’s an opportunity to have some really in-depth discussions on both popular and obscure movies and tv shows on film and tv show forums that just isn’t the same on social networks.

There’s also a Film Facts section based on research and the individual IMDb movie pages’ Trivia sections. We think the IMDb Trivia section is a golden list of some extremely interesting facts and “behind the scenes” information which provide a fascinating insight into the film or tv show you’ve just watched. Sometimes it is an unwieldy beast to scroll through, though, as well as often containing duplications and errors, so we hope we can go in some small way to making this information more accessible.