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About Us

Film Forums gathers together the best IMDb message board alternatives and archives sites so you can decide which one to use or, like us, use a combination, to augment and enrich your film and tv viewing experience.

As you will probably be well aware by now, the IMDb message boards closed in February 2017. Since then, existing movie forum sites have found their movie and tv discussions board swell in popularity whilst a whole host of IMDb message boards alternative sites have come out of the woodwork – some good and some downright awful. Some remain, and some have fallen by the wayside.

If you would like to see an overview of the best IMDb message boards archives and alternatives please visit our Movie Forums: Which Is Best? blog. We’ve combed the internet to figure out which one offers the next best thing to the obsolete IMDb forums so you don’t have to.

Movie forums and discussion boards offer something different to social media channels (essentially where IMDb suggested everyone should now discuss that movie from 43 years ago). There’s an opportunity to have some really in-depth discussions on both popular and obscure movies and tv shows that just isn’t the same on social networks, which is why we think it’s important to ensure everyone is aware of the different options out there.

We are also building a film trivia section based on research and the individual IMDb movie pages’ Trivia sections. We think the IMDb Trivia section is a golden list of some extremely interesting facts and “behind the scenes” information which provide a fascinating insight into the film or tv show you’ve just watched. Sometimes it is an unwieldy beast to scroll through, though, as well as often containing duplications and errors, so we have begun creating a Things You Didn’t Know About… series, usually consisting of 10 of the most interesting nuggets of information from IMDB Trivia, as well as our own research.

We are also publishing some film interviews with film forums website owners and members of the film industry, as well as stars from the past.